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Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our list of FAQs. For more info, please use our contact details or contact form and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Why should I hire CDW?

    CDW specializes in planning and arranging social events in Corfu, Greece. We provide top quality services and we take pride our work, so if you are planning to get married or organize any other social event in our beautiful island, then CDW is the best choice as your event planner and consultant.

    For many couples, planning their wedding day can be stressful. They are confused as to where to begin, how much everything costs, and how to choose places, venues, vendors, etc. Planning a wedding is not only about choosing your colors, flowers, and menu. There are also logistical matters to consider to such as the timing of events and knowing which venues and vendors are reputable. We are here to guide you and to take care of all of these concerns. We are able to help save you time and money as well as your sanity so you can actually enjoy your wedding day.

  • Do you have a business license?

    Yes, CDW is fully licensed under the Greek Trade Law. We are wedding professionals since 2008.

  • What types of weddings do you accommodate?

    All - Religious, Symbolic, Civil.

  • What services do you offer?

    Social Events planning and arranging from start to finish. Ceremony, Reception, Decoration, Transportation, Accomodation, Photo, Video, etc.

    For more details, please check our Services section.

  • Do you accept commissions or kickbacks from any vendors or service providers?

    No. We do not accept any commissions or kickbacks from vendors or service providers. We only work with qualified and reputable vendors and service providers in our area, who will best suit your needs, style, and budget.

  • Do you charge for an initial consultation?

    No. Our initial consultation is free. If you choose to hire CDW for your event, a fee schedule will be tailored to your needs prior to signing a contract.

  • How do you charge for your services? What is the deposit to secure your services?

    We charge accordingly to your event budget and the services your require. A fee schedule will be tailored to your needs prior to signing a contract. In most cases, a deposit of 35% of the event budget is required to secure our services.

  • What sizes of events have you coordinated in the past?

    We have coordinated events from few guests only to hundreds of guests.

  • How much communication will we have?

    We have a policy to respond to all emails and phone messages in a timely manner. We will respond to all messages within 24 business hours. Customers receive a weekly progress report via email.

  • How many weddings or events will you coordinate per day?

    To ensure that our customers receive only top quality services, it is our policy that CDW will only take one wedding or event per day.